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About us

We are a young company of developers that emerges as a solution to the technological needs of today's world.

The team started working separately, each one in different areas. We accompanied and helped it with its projects in different ways. Until one day, we realized that together we would work better.

That is why nowadays we are a team of two people that drives Hiper Devs to dream big.

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Melisa Godoy

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Leandro Lardaro

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An innovative mind dreams of big ideas




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What are we looking to achieve?

Being a team, working together for the development of the project to have a clear and transparent communication.

We will aim to keep you updated on each stage of the process, letting you know the updates and improvements of the project. Pay attention to your needs, queries and doubts along this path.

We will prioritize communication and our relationship development, without forgetting to mention, that we will always be updated in terms of technology.

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